Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Illustration Friday :: Twist

A play on Charles Dickens.


Oliver has returned to the stand -- empty bowl in hand.

OLIVER: Please, sir, I want some more.

BUMBLE: (Incredulous) WHAT!!!

OLIVER: Please, sir... I want some more... of my favourite flavour.

BUMBLE: More! ... of your favourite flavour!

OLIVER: Yes, sir.

BUMBLE: And what flavour might that be......

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Digital image :: Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo XI

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Digital Scott's illustrationblog said...

You already put, "Please sir..." So, I'll go with "food glorious food!" What next is the question?

Nice work!

Tina Vaziri said...

Very funny take on the concept!

HARDWAX said...

Ah, so excellent! The artwork is wonderful and the idea is even better, and I like the narrative, The ice cream looks lots better than the gruel Oliver was used to. Wow!

Twisselman said...

'Bumbles Three Flavors' franchise, alive and well!

'Please, sir, we want more of these clever panels.'

Arkonbey said...

Next joke in this series: "please sir, can I have s'mores?" (cringe)

Ah, but is it not true that the only ice cream that can truly be twisted is soft-serve?

Up where I live, we call them creamies (or sometimes cree-mees). If you know your junkfood slang, you can find out where I live!

catnapping said...

mmmm. yummm!


Don said...

Chuckling again. I flirted with the Oliver theme fro a while as well as a play on the phrase, "Old gag, new twist." Even contemplated combining the two.

Glad you did it... because I didn't.


Tony LaRocca said...

MOOOOORE? LOL Great idea.

LuC said...

yeah, good idea!:)